A strategy and innovation agency.

Machine learning tool, for a GV backed startup.

Working with a growth stage (Google Ventures backed) startup we built a machine learning application that can help bioinformaticians and clinicians detect rare disease from sequenced genomics data.

Product sprint, for an AI firm in London.

Worked with a specialist optimisation software (constraint programming) team in London to run a product strategy sprint to re-position an AI product which manages testing for industrial wind turbines.

Incubator program, with Imperial, UCL, Warwick. was an incubator based on our framework (Exploration Board). Focused on sole founders, helping build teams and choosing the right problem. Ran with UK university society's.

An AI community in Dublin.

Dublin.AI started as a quarterly product focused AI event showcasing applications of ML in industry and startups. It evolved into an annual agenda (fellowship, conference, summits). Paused due to covid.

Fellowship, bridging researchers to industry.

Dublin.AI Fellowship is a full time program designed to help researchers bridge the gap when transitioning to industry. Run in collaboration with industry, part of DublinAI community initiative. Paused due to covid.

Toolkit, identifying ML use cases from data.

JTBD+ML: with interpretation of JTBD built a toolkit for identifying ML use cases from products, workflows & data assets. Product manager's valued the process, office mangers understood the lingo.

Information security conference & community.

Cyber Startup Summit was Europe's first conference & community focused on security innovation supported by TechUK & IDA. Csuite attendees: FBI (CIO above), Citi, Symantec, Paladin, Box etc.

Framework to de-risk prototypes & ventures.

Exploration Board was the result of a failed product build when we realised we'd missed related problems. Derived from an interpretation of first principle system thinking. For founders, adopted by product teams.

Hacks: Security, AI, computer vision & edgeAI.

Atrovate technical hackathons and data challenges in London and Dublin across information security, AI & computer vision, edge computing. Often in collaboration with industry partners and communities.

Remote development team, built in Lviv.

A remote software and data science team. Worked directly with the CTO of a 500 person engineering firm to build out a remote development team in Lviv, Ukraine. A mix of software, data and ML engineers.

An agency connecting startups and corporates.

Leaderslink ltd was a product, which pivoted to a service in 2012 (renamed atrovate) and helped corporate's connect to & work with startups. First Atrovate pic w/ Matthew Chung, Barclays COO EMEA.

The name Atrovate was derived from the spanish word Atrevete, which means to "dare yourself".

Atrovate was founded by Neill Gernon. You can find more info on Neill here

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